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I'm a big believer in the power of online shopping. I've used it to buy everything from shoes to furniture, and it's never let me down. But when it comes to buying your diamond engagement rings—or any sort of expensive item—it can be risky business: You might not like what you see, or even worse, find that the seller has taken an unauthorized payment out of your account before sending your order on its way. So why would anyone want to use an online engagement ring retailer? The good news is that there are plenty of good reasons not-to! Here are five reasons why you should skip those sites entirely:

It's expensive.

Engagement rings are expensive. You can get a better deal at a jewelry store, but you'll have to wait longer and pay more in order to do so. If you're looking for engagement rings online, then there's an even better option! You can visit local jewelers that specialize in men’s engagement rings or even just look up their Yelp reviews before deciding which one will be best for your needs (and budget).

You don't get instant gratification.

You can't try it on.

You don't know how it looks, and you may not be able to see how it fits with your wedding band. You may have tried on other rings before and not been happy with the fit or style, so why take a chance with an online purchase?

It's time-consuming.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that this kind of service is a waste of time. You have to research and compare prices, which means you're spending hours doing something that can be done in minutes on your own. Then, when your designer wedding ring arrives, there's the small matter of making sure it fits correctly and returning it if it doesn't—all before you've even seen the ring in person!

The bottom line is: Engagement rings online are a joke because they cost too much money for too little return value (and then some).

It's risky.

Engagement rings online are risky because you don't know what you're buying. You can't try it on, and if it doesn't fit, you'll have no recourse other than returning the ring for a refund.

Additionally, many people who buy engagement rings online do so without actually knowing their size or how much weight they weigh—and this can lead to unpleasant surprises when they receive their diamond wedding ring in the mail (or worse yet: at home!).

It's frustrating.

It's frustrating.

This is a big one! When you're on the hunt for a ring, it's easy to become consumed with what you want and forget that your partner might not be as happy with the purchase as you are. You can't try it on or even see it in person—and if they don't like how they look when they wear their engagement ring, then chances are they won't want to wear it at all (or at least not all the time). What if your partner has sensitive skin? What if he or she has allergies? Or what if he or she just doesn't feel like wearing jewelry anymore because of an unpleasant experience before getting engaged?

All these questions could be answered by trying things first before purchasing online. But even then there are still plenty of reasons why buying online isn’t ideal:

There are good reasons not to buy your ring online.

So why is it that many people think that they can just buy the engagement ring of their dreams without having to go through all of this? The answer is simple: there are good reasons not to buy your wedding ring for men online.

There are several things that you should know about buying an engagement ring online before making a decision. For example, the rings may be cheaper than they appear on the website or even fake! This means that the quality of these products may not be what they seem and could end up costing more than expected in the long run because repairs will need to be done eventually (and if these repairs cost too much money).

Another reason why people should not buy their engagement rings online is because they do not have any guarantees or warranties when purchasing them through one company vs another company; therefore if something goes wrong later on down road then there would be no one responsible except yourself which means no compensation whatsoever!


So, there you have it. The five reasons why buying couple engagement rings online is a waste of time. But if you're still not convinced, maybe this last point will help: buying an engagement ring online is risky business. You have to trust that the person who sold you their product has done everything possible to ensure it's as safe and secure as possible for you both in the long run. If anything goes wrong down the road (and unfortunately it will), then the bad news is that your dream wedding day can quickly turn into a nightmare!

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